Our first book was published in 2005 but we officially started in 2012, when we released 2 books: "Mother's Faith" and "For the Love of Christian Homemaking."

Our books are designed to encourage godly homemaking in this modern world. 

We are an imperfect publisher.  The writers and publisher are just regular homemakers. We are not a large corporate publishing agency with large resources.  Our books are simply published with humble means. 


We plan to publish 2 - 6 titles each year.

Current Project:

Our latest book, "At Mother's House," was released in November of 2016.


Mrs. White, of "The Legacy of Home" blog.  She is the granddaughter of a revival preacher.  She and her husband have 5 grown children and 8 grandchildren.  They live in a large 1800's house in rural Vermont.