Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tribute to A Dedicated Mother

Farm and Fireside by Currier and Ives. 1878.


 The following is a quote from Sergeant Alvin C. York, from the year 1922. He describes, in his own words, about growing up as one of 11 children. He talks about his mother, who worked incredibly hard with a great deal of love and dedication.

"...Father built the log house at the spring and that's where most all of us were borned and growed up. The children kept coming right smart until there were eleven of us. Mother had to work from sunup often until ten o'clock at night to keep us clothed and fed...She milked the cows, made the butter; she looked after the hogs and chickens. She made the soap and the tallow candles and fixed the grease for the lamps. She carded the wool and spun and wove the cloth and made all our clothes. She was a good mother to us, and with Father she brought us all up and we are living today. We're all strong and healthy and well and she enjoyed every moment of it. She enjoyed life much more in those days, so she says, slaving and working for us, than she does today, Jes quietly living with us with not much to do or bother about.

She jes didn't have time to worry or be unhappy. Life tried to crowd in on her and bust her up right smart and she jes wouldn't let it nohow. She knowed what she wanted - she wanted her home, her husband, and her own children, and she knowed she would have to pay for those things with work and sacrifice, so she was willing. That's a mother for you! "

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Serving in the Kitchen - An Old Fashioned Cookbook

"Serving in the Kitchen: Cookbook with Recipes, Advice, and Encouragement for the Christian Home."  

                                       - An Old Fashioned Cookbook -

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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Memory and Hope Walking Along the Highway

Painting by American artist, Daniel Ridgway Knight, 1895


The following post was written in 1909 by the famous author of "In His Steps," Charles M. Sheldon. It offers help and encouragement. 

Ask yourself this question: On your life journey, are you (going backwards) like "Memory" or (cheerfully going forward) as "Hope"?

                                                                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  Memory and Hope met each other once as they were going along life's highway, and stopped to exchange greetings.  Hope was walking with elastic step and serene brow. Memory had her eyes pensively fixed upon the ground, and walked slowly and with frequent pauses.

   "Good morning," said Hope cheerfully. "Whither art thou going?"

   "Back over the way I came," replied Memory.

   "Art thou not weary going over the old path?"

   "At times I am, but there are many scenes I love to revisit."

   "On the whole, however," said Hope, "it seems to me thy traveling companions are many of them, at best, troublesome and even exceedingly sorrowful. I wish thou wert not going the backward way. Wilt thou not join us?  All the saints are going our way. All the army of the redeemed who have washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb are going with me over the road. It is good company; the best in life."

   But I saw Memory shake her head, and continue sadly on her way; and Hope, with no time to waste in useless regrets, prepared to advance.

   Then I, who had been hesitating between Memory and Hope, came up to Hope and said: "May I join thee? Hast thou room for me in thy company?"

   "And who art thou?" asked Hope gently.

   "A human soul," I answered sadly; "one buffeted with trouble, beset by doubts, cast down by loss, terrified at the thought of death, and in great need of comfort."

   Then Hope held out the hand and drew me along the way with her, saying joyously: "Welcome, Oh soul of Humanity! Come! Thou shalt walk with me up to the Pearly Gates. Forget thou the things that are behind and stretch forward with me unto the things that are before."

   So I let Hope lead me along the way; and when night came, Faith and Love joined us, and we journeyed on through the night, which shone even in the darkness with the star-lamps of heaven.  

   And in the darkest places of all I heard Hope singing, singing as if God had taught her, singing in an undertone: "It is better farther on."

- Charles M. Sheldon, 1909

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