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The Legacy of Home Press, presents our Author Blogs:

Mrs. Connie Hultquist
{Mother of 6 children, grandmother of many.}

(Mrs. Hultquist stopped writing in 2016, due to Parkinson's Disease. In November of 2021, she passed into her eternal home in Heaven.)

Her archived writings are posted to:  "A Revival for Homemakers

Author of:

"Dear Kitchen  Saints"

"Dear Christmas Mothers"

Other resources:

Audio Music CD - "Christmas at Connie's - 1996:  The Home Recordings" (out of stock.)


Mrs. Sharon White
{Mother of 5 children, grandmother of 12.}

writes at  "The Legacy of Home"

 Author of:

"House Keeping in Hard Times"

"Serving in the Kitchen"

"Gracious House Keeping"

"An Old Fashioned Budget" 

"Homemaking for Happiness"

"Mother's Faith"

"For the Love of Christian Homemaking"

"Prentiss Study Deluxe Edition"

"Early Morning Revival Challenge"

"Mother's Book of Home Economics"

"Living on His Income"

"Economy for the Christian Home"

"Old Fashioned Motherhood" 

"Mother's Hour"

"At Mother's House"

"Introduction to Home Economics"