Letters from the Estate

Three issues of Mrs. White's newsletters at her kitchen table.

Letters from the Estate is a small Christian publication written by Mrs. White of The Legacy of Home blog. It is sent out by regular mail each month by request only. 

Each issue is typed and printed out and includes the following:

1. Two short articles or essays about godly homemaking or something encouraging from Mrs. White's home.  (Most of these essays are compiled and published into a book at some later date.)

2. A brief newsy "letter" from Mrs. White's home about her life and family.

The newsletter is very short and consists of between 4 and 6 pages.

How it Began:

I started writing a monthly newsletter in 2014.  We were losing our internet access for a long period of time. This made it very difficult to continue writing on my blog.  The newsletter was a way for me to continue writing and sending these "letters" out to readers who wanted them.

Once the internet was restored, I enjoyed doing the newsletter so much that I kept it up.

Where is the Current Issue:

 Each monthly issue goes out at sporadic times. It may be early or late in the month. It may even be a month late, but it is always sent out.  The difficulty is for me to have enough energy to write and edit each issue.  Writing also takes a great deal of time.  Printing and mailing each issue on an inconsistent basis might leave readers wondering when the latest issue is expected.    To keep readers updated, I will post a notice in this space to say when the current issue was shipped.

*** The latest issues (January 2020 and February 2020) have been delayed. I will update here when they are ready to be mailed out. Thank you for your patience.***

What is the Cost and how Does one Subscribe?

There is no charge for the newsletter but it does cost you something. Each month it takes one stamp to send a letter in the mail to Mrs. White to request the next edition. Readers also must include a stamped, self-addressed, business size envelope along with the issue number they want to receive.  (For example: if you just received issue number 50, request issue number 51.) These instructions are also on the first page of every edition.

For first time readers:    In order to protect Mrs. White's privacy, you must email her directly to request the mailing address for the newsletter.  [All subscribers are required to give an email address.] You will be directed to send a request for "the current issue" along with a stamped, self-addressed, business size envelope to Mrs. White.   (It may take up to a month to process your request.)

Important:  Please be sure to include a note specifically telling us which issue you want. Or, just that you are new and want the "current issue."  Otherwise,  we will have no idea which edition you need.  In this case, we will just send you the next issue when it is printed.

In order to keep this as simple as possible, there is no record of anyone's mailing address. Since each issue is by request only, it makes it possible (in time and energy) for Mrs. White to do the newsletter. 

The purpose of the monthly requests for each issue is:

1.  To be certain only those who genuinely want the newsletter will receive it.  It is also an opportunity to receive notes, or pen- pal letters, from readers.  This is a blessing and I am happy to write back to those who would like to send a little note along with their request for the next issue. (Sometimes this is just a brief sentence on a post- it. Other times, It might be a short letter.)

2. For the readers to help make the newsletter possible by doing their own handwriting of their address on their own envelopes. They also take away the burden of any cost to Mrs. White by sending in their own stamps.

Overseas Requests

I am sorry, but we are unable to send the newsletter outside of the U. S.  Thank you for understanding.

A stack of back issues of Mrs. White's newsletter

Back issues are available on a limited basis. Most of these are listed on the back of each edition.

Thank you for your interest in receiving Letters from the Estate by regular mail.

You can reach me by email at:
puritanlight (@) gmail (dot) com


Thank you for reading! 

Be sure to visit our book page to find some inspiration for homemaking!

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