Dear Christmas Mothers Giveaway Team

Thank you for your interest in being a part of a promotion for the book, “Dear Christmas Mothers” by Mrs. Connie Hultquist, published by The Legacy of Home Press.

Please find the book on Amazon and read the description.  Look inside the book and browse through some of the pages.  Please make sure you are genuinely interested in the book and would enjoy owning a copy before requesting to be part of this promotion.

I am looking for 5 active bloggers who are willing to review the book and do a giveaway.   This will be the “Dear Christmas Mothers Giveaway Team.”  This will be fun and I am excited to have you join me!

Each blogger will receive one review copy of the book, “Dear Christmas Mothers” by Mrs. Connie Hultquist.  Each blogger will host a giveaway (along with a review) on their blog. Each blogger will offer one free copy of the book to their readers in a giveaway..  Once your winner is selected, please send me their name and shipping address. I will ship a copy of the book to them directly.  Each blogger will have one winner selected from their own giveaway.

We will be posting the reviews/ giveaways on the same day. Then we will share a link to each team member so readers have even more chances to win.  This will help bring traffic to each blogger, while blessing readers with an opportunity to win an inspiring Christmas book.

Once the 5 bloggers are signed up, the books will be shipped out right away.  (You should receive your copy the week of November 5, 2018.) I need bloggers to commit to reading the book and then writing a review and giveaway in one post.  The review should be at least 200 words, sharing your own thoughts on the book.  At the end of your post, you will need to link to a main giveaway post which will be given to everyone before the review is due.  More information will follow once the books have been shipped.

You must be willing to commit to a deadline so that all bloggers can post their review/giveaway on the same day.  The date for this post is Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

Your help, ideas, and comments for this promotion are encouraged and appreciated!  I hope this team will be an encouragement to one another as we seek to promote a lovely book for Christian homemakers!

Edited update - The sign up form is now closed. Thank you for those who have offered to participate!

Mrs. White for The Legacy of Home Press